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Why Hire Us?

  • Your proceeds check is mailed to you every month on or before the 15th of the month. Your check will always be received on a timely basis.

  • No management fee is charged if no rent is collected. Rent is due on the 1st, if not received by the 6th a 3-day notice to pay or vacate is posted.

  • We adhere to monitor and insure that your rental is in compliance with all known property and safety codes to reduce your risk as an owner of a New York rental units.

  • We run a credit report and an eviction report on all prospective tenants. We personally call and verify prospective tenant's reference information.

  • Your tenant is our customer. We do everything we can to satisfy their repair requests promptly.

  • Our vendors are required to carry and provide proof of liability insurance and/or workman's compensation insurance.

  • Copies of all invoices are mailed to you monthly with your owner's statement.

  • Annual, optional maintenance surveys are scheduled prior to lease expiration at a minimal cost to you. These surveys provide us a good look at your rental prior to offering the tenant a new lease. Repair or improvements can be scheduled while the property is occupied.

  • Renewal packages are provided to your tenants in advance of their lease expiration. Nothing costs you more than a vacancy and we work hard to reduce the likelihood of having one.

  • We thoroughly videotape your property inside and out between tenants. We thoroughly complete check-in check-out reports. This discourages discussion, regarding, security deposit return.

  • Security deposit disposition is handled promptly and according to the State of New York law.

  • We specialize in Property Management; you can rely on our knowledge and experience.

Property management services is our business. Whether for the tenant or the owner, our commitment to both is 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year! We can easily be reached through our after business hours answering service should you or a tenant need us.

Fee Structure:

For a complete explanation of our services, fees, and copies of our Property Management Agreement, Rental Agreement and our Tenant's Handbook, just request a COMPLETE PROPOSAL. After 10 years of experience managing properties, our philosophy is simple, The key to making money on rental properties is comprehensive tenant screening and counseling.

Please call us at 914-637-2300 or by e-mail property (@) strongholdproperty.com to request a complete property management proposal. We look forward to serving you.